Yoga Students – Age

Children as young as age 3 derive benefit from attending classes of limited numbers,  preferably of the same age,  or together with a sibling of near age.

Teachers are specially trained in the adaptation of yoga for infants and usually have developed their own style of teaching that is safe, appropriate for the different age group up to teens.

A Beginner Student

Before enrolling your child in a Yoga course it is imperative to have an interview with the teacher to be informed of the methods and determine a mutual understanding. This will ensure that you are aware and sanction what is being taught and from the teacher’s point of view, to ensure your willing communcation and cooperation.

Happy, healthy children is the mutual goal.

Teachers will always appreciate parents keeping in touch and informing them of any issues in relation to the child, or to ask should they wish to query or clarify anything of the teachings.

A short period of time gives proof of the value that simple health practices, exercises and relaxation techniques alone can add to a childs well being.  Over years it offers parents good support in maintaining the benefits and is complementary education to their general schooling.


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