Yoga Sadhana

Sadhana means one’s personal spiritual discipline.  This is based upon the moral/ethical precepts of Ashtanga Yoga that outline the general principles shared by all aspirants.  However, one’s own personal self discipline is essentially a private matter.

The purpose of Sadhana however is constant. It represents both our desire to grow to become a better human and our aspiration to become capable of expanding our own conscious experiences of the spiritual reality of the great Universal Consciousness that presides over all.

We are all able to think about Universal Consciousness or God Consciousness, but there are fewer who actually experience the subtler, wider spheres of awareness. These entries into the spiritual realms usually develop gradually and can be compared to the natural processes of our physical birth and entry into the world of matter.  Entry into the spiritual world also takes time.

Of course we all have experiences that are wonderful and seem to happen spontaneously according to the stimulus of the time, when our senses touch a vibrant new level of feeling or consciousness. But Sadhana relates to our enduring interest in making conscious endeavour to expand our hearts and minds to embrace the universe in which we live.

In recognition of the power of free will, independent choice becomes an important responsibility and a determining factor in subsequent events and circumstances in our lives. Consideration of both the matter of self determination and acceptance of its limitations is an exercise for us all in wisdom, until we can be guided by our inner intuition that makes clear the way ahead.

Certainly it is generally understood that whatever we achieve in life and whatever we become, involves self effort.  Always, effort is rewarded and we experience wonderful reward for our personal efforts in self culture and spiritual awareness.

It is our own choice whether we learn the value of discipline as a step towards our objectives early in life so that at maturity, we can apply self discipline not only in material things but in spiritual discipline or Sadhana, when we choose to obey the dictates our own soul.

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