21 Yoga Health Asanas

The science of yoga positions known as Asanas is based upon the health requirement not only to employ the full capacity of body movement but also to use static positions that will encourage circulation of blood and energy or prana to specific organs. The classical Asanas by tradition, number 84 and of these, there are approximately 21 of most direct general health benefit.

Select 21 of the most appropriate asanas for you to incorporate in your regular daily practice.

Bow – spine, abdominal organs, womb

Camel – Uterus, thighs

Cobra – nerves insomnia, kidneys, uterine organs, thyroid

Cow-Head – circulation to head and brain, breasts, lymphatics

Dead Man – relaxation – nerves H.B.P. etc

Eagle – ovaries and gonads

Fish heart, lungs adrenals

Hare – head, brain, circulation to facial tissue

Head-Knee – glands – rejuvenation

Hero – assimilation – digestion, release nervous tension

Knee Chest – bowels spine

Lion – tonsils, throat, thyroid, brain

Locust – kidneys, back

Plough – spinal traction – longevity

Quadruped – strengthening entire body musculature

Shoulder stand – rejuvenation, thyroid

Side Bend flexures of bowels

Spinal Balance – spinal problems, headaches

Spinal Twist – digestion, spine, gall, liver

Spine Posture – strength in abdomen and spine

Swan – bowels

Thigh – strength

Tortoise – nervous system, lymphatics to arms and legs

Tree – legs, balance

Triangle – spine, legs, hamstrings

Yoga Mudra -basic pressures and release of tension – vitality

Once an Asana is mastered and the position able to be assumed with relative comfort, then it is important to add breath control or Pranayama practices before health benefits can be anticipated.

At this stage, students require direct instruction from a qualified teacher who will guide as to the interval of time these selected Asanas should be held.

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