Yoga for Total Health

The natural simplicity of yoga teachings attracts the attention of many who are searching for guidelines that will direct them to a more satisfying, healthier, more meaningful way of living.

Yoga as a system developed as natural laws became known and applied. We know it as one of the branches of Indian Philosophy of the Vedas that became an established a system with traditions, some of which are echoed in the modern application of yoga teaching.

The ancient customs and physical health methods of Hatha Yoga, so popular in the western world at the present time retain the principles of Ayurveda and offer a range of benefits, physical, mental and spiritual. The healing methodology practised in India is called Yoga Chikitsa, offers a unique range of therapies for utilization by the individual. It has close correspondence and is compatible with the philosophy and modern attitudes of the naturopathic profession and the increasing number of doctors specializing in preventative medicine.

However the yogic system considers the total nature of man and seeks to employ natural methods to not only maintain health but to correct difficulties of function in the body, emotions and mind and uses physical , psychological and spiritual healing practices to restore well being. In addition to those methods that are in accordance with the western approach, there are many additional and subtle ways employed to correct imbalances in the psyche or to reduce suffering, and to ensure the future health of the person concerned.

Where once the diametrically opposed attitudes in the eastern and western approach to psychology were once very clear, there is no longer a stark dividing line. The body remains the predominant western focus as the basis for human individuality and the soul and spirit the priority for eastern scholars. However, in the encouraging signs of becoming more universal in our thinking and our lifestyles there is a growing general consensus that to blend the best of all possible worlds of thought will provide inspiration for a better future for all.

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