Yoga for Children

The philosophy and practices of classical Yoga are for application by adults and it can be anticipated that parents practising Yoga will naturally transmit appropriate information to their children.

However as Yoga offers a total education ranging from physical culture to mind training and spiritual awareness it is understandable that there are many aspects which can be contributed by the professional Yoga teacher and used to complement the demands of present educational systems.

In spite of disciplinary measures in education being at present unpopular in western countries, self discipline and self confidence nevertheless go hand in hand. Children must not be deprived of the benefits derived from early training whether the disciplinary measures relate to physical training or to character. It is well evidenced that discipline demanded from any teacher provides the initial basis for the student’s subsequent self discipline.

All are encouraged to live a life of high ethical and moral standards. A surprising number of them have become naturally aware of spiritual life through their directly experiencing the power of love and goodness through the instrument of their own intuition.

The simple yogic health practices are invaluable both as a means of prevention of physical ailments as of therapeutic benefit. Children become more acutely aware of the need for caring for their bodies through following the natural laws that influence good health.

They develop better muscular control over their physical bodies through exercise

They experience the reduction or correction of minor symptoms

How to experience self commanded muscular relaxation

Improved physical posture and mental attitudes

Better concentration and learning skills regarding studies

Instruction about healthy eating habits

Improved respiration and relief from complaints such as asthma and hyperactivity

Awareness of the need to build their own self image & confidence

Willing obedience and respect for parents, teachers, and elders

Increased joy in living

These are some of the many advantages from offering your children classes from a professional teacher of classical Yoga who specializes in teaching children and who works in close co-operation with parents to ensure their welfare.

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