Yoga – A Way of Life

The value of Yoga is not so much in offering yet another ideology. We have enough confusion regarding ideas, philosophies and spiritual teachings. Confusion tends to reduce our capacity to keep clear the beautiful simple spiritual message that all great teachers have conveyed regarding the ideal way of life. Our life purpose must include our practical attempt to put this message into practice.

These efforts are known as our personal Sadhana or our spiritual self discipline.  Just as we rely upon a disciplined driver to be a safe driver on our roads, so a controlled and disciplined person is a safe person and not likely to harm others along life’s way.

Most of us realise the transient nature of personal ambitions and desires by which our personalities are fulfilled, but we also are aware of the deeper needs of the human soul. We all yearn for a better state of the world in which we find ourselves and aspire in some way to improve our environment and help to build a better, peaceful world.

The yogic way of life, based upon following Natural Laws, is essentially simple, yet inspiring as we benefit from the hard earned wisdom gained from limitless centuries of human experience and which, if applied, will lead to an advancement of our present civilization. It is based upon the premise that to improve the world, each of us must first improve ourselves.

This is our first responsibility to our own soul so that we may be capable of contributing to the welfare of the whole world. The success of the greater purpose will be dependent upon each individual choosing a positive lifestyle.

A clear outline of a practical method of selecting a natural lifestyle and method of self improvement is given us in the tenets of yoga teaching.

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