Vision of Total Wellness

We can assume that we are totally well when –

Upon awakening, we look forward to the day’s activity optimistically

We feel emotionally capable of feeling relaxed and contented or enthusiastic and happy

We do not feel anxious, fearful, discontented, or depressed

Our practical thinking is clear, rational and constructive

Our thoughts are not muddled, emotionally charged or destructive

We are prepared to apply concentration and focus upon our work and responsibilities and then upon our chosen pleasures and enjoyments

We do not resent our work and become addicted to ‘week ends’ – work is our privilege to be enjoyed and responsibilities test and strengthen us

We are committed to living as freely and naturally as possible within our environment

We do not feel imprisoned in situations that we feel we cannot improve or alter

Respect is readily shown – to our own self, to others, to any accepted authority, to all living creatures and to God as the giver of all life

We have little need to be defensive or disregard for others enough to cause harm

We regard the positive achievements of mankind with great admiration but greater still, the achievements and creations of Nature itself

We observe human mistakes and errors but acknowledge human capability to use free will responsibly in making corrections

We feel our bodies are healthy and vital, our emotions loving and caring, generous and kind, and our mental consciousness functioning freely on both a practical level and idealistic level – to serve to guide to us in our independent lives

We refrain from looking to life motivation from outside values and people before seeking our own counsel and intuition

We are aware but not overcome by the physical, emotional and at times mental conflicts and pain that each of us experiences at some time.

A commitment to building health offers remedies on each level of our psyche as we embrace all the spheres of ourselves and satisfy our physical and emotional needs as well as those of the mind, the soul and our spiritual self.

Reminders:  Nature encourages us to rest and have times of Stillness – and this requires discipline

When the body is still we become more aware of our emotions – so we learn to relax

When our emotions are quiet we become more acutely aware of our thoughts – we learn to breathe easy

When our thoughts are still we have opportunity to become aware of our souls – we practise meditation

When our soul is at peace or in conflict we look towards our spiritual self – we seek to expand our awareness and consciousness of our life Source and inspiration and make that link stronger – in a union that is Yoga.

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