To feel free we must be unrestricted in our ability to function well.
We wish freedom to choose, according to the law of Nature that ordains the power we wield in human free will and its natural immutable Laws that govern the universe and the worlds we know.
We wish to achieve, whether in the personal fields that employ our personal talents, as in effective efforts and actions that help others.
To be free in exchanges of thought and speech that reflects our sincerity and our respect for law and for what we see as truth.
We believe each who seeks freedom seeks to embrace the same freedom and benefits for others.
Freedom is a sense born in the breast of each person, a concept conceived in the mind or each one of us, and a spiritual aspiration that is to be ultimately experienced as an inner reality.
If these thoughts are to guide us we must acknowledge the value of independence as we recognize the responsibility each of us has to the whole of humanity.
We must seek to dissolve any barriers that restrict our sense of joyful appreciation of life so that we can be calm,centred and true to ourselves.

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