To Love Nature, To love Life, To love Everything!

Love is the cohesive and most central element in life. It is the most important factor in human life as it is in the invisible realms of the great Universe. Love is represented as the special love feeling born in the human heart. It is known as the law of attraction and of unification and can be observed in the order and design that patterns the Universe.

To the yogi, love is the ethereal but powerful fifth element. To the Bhakti yogi it motivates everything in his life as he attempts to express it in everything that is undertaken. It is exemplified in the love and devotion that permeates his lifestyle.

The Bhakti practises lovingness. His affection begins with appreciation of the agencies of nature that allow his body to function healthily and freely. It is expressed in his feeling of fondness in greeting companions, family and all his contacts with people, animals and living things. It is expressed in his early morning exercises and prayers, plans and purposes and overflows as he greets the energies in his garden or in nature outside.

He loves order and ritual as nature dictates and loves the sunrises, and the sunsets. He seeks to reflect nature’s laws through his ethics and in the simplicity and sincerity of a simple lifestyle.

He loves the ones closest to him but extends his heart further in respect and honour of the greatest human beings who have lived and who live still as he holds a special love and devotion towards his Master, his Guru.

The Bhakti loves human nature, and great human nature but it is devotion to the Creator that inspires him. He loves noble souls and spiritual leaders yet seeks to love the unattractive souls as he wishes to embrace all humanity if he aspires to grow towards the great intelligence and the great heart of the cosmos.

He loves the natural environment as representing the visible form, colour and spirit of Nature seeing it as do the poets, as “the garment of God.” He loves natural kingdoms of the earth – insects, animals, trees, plants, birds & fish as he loves the seemingly inanimate minerals, rocks and gems.

He loves the oceans and the fish and creatures of sea as he loves the mysteries of life as yet undiscovered in the deep.

He practises love as a harmony and as an embrace of his soul.

He radiates loving kindness. He feels loving and kind.

He is motivated by love.

He believes in goodness and that God is Love.

Prayer, aspiration and spiritual devotion are natural to the Bhakti.

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