Time to Identify With Your Guru

It is a time to think of heroes – not sporting heroes but spiritual giants and leaders who by their lives exemplify the ultimate reason for our earthly life experience.

We all tend to have heroes and heroines we admire and select according to our birth sex.

Heroes of all kinds offer us an example of having achieved the goal.

Sporting heroes serve as a focus for general adulation as well as inspiring a few to become equally great. Not many can hold the vision and so, by comparison there are very few who become followers enough as to put effort into similar achievement.

Christmas time is the time for Christians to celebrate the birth of the Christ and to focus upon Him as their Guru. To many millions of people He is the epitome of human excellence, wisdom and spirituality.  But it is not sufficient to feel awed and inspired with devotion, we must if we are sincere, take seriously the role model we have before us and gradually seek to grow to become like Him.

The teacher or Guru represents by example the vision and goal to which we aspire.

We should not feel shy to acknowledge that the essence of the Guru’s teaching is to encourage us to become skilled in emulating those qualities that will result in our becoming to some degree a likeness.

So the Christian way is to gradually become Christlike.

The way of the Buddhist is to become Buddha-like as with other spiritual teachers.

Any spiritual devotee seeks to become greater in capacity to radiate life energies of the spirit and so grow in health, wisdom and understanding. Refreshment comes maintaining the concept of his spiritual teacher or Guru.

It is therefore appropriate that we refresh our concept and personal vision of the nature of Christ at this time.


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