Thoughts of Life

And thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world

A star at night, a bubble in a stream

A flash of lightning in a summer cloud

A flickering lamp, a phantom – and a dream.

Katha Upanishad


O powerful Goodness!   Bountiful Father!   Merciful Guide!

Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest.

Strengthen my resolutions to perform what that wisdom dictates.

Accept my kind offices to Thy other children as the only return in my power

for Thy continual favours to me.

Ben Franklin


God would seem to be that vast Being in which all human souls exist as atoms.

Sally Janssen


A man would have no pleasures in discovering all the beauties of the universe, even in heaven itself, unless he had a partner to whom he might communicate his joys.



The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves – say rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

Victor Hugo


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