The Way of the Buddha

The vision of a life goal and purpose differs with each of us, regarding our personalities with their complexities.  A vision held by each soul is more private but there are also important features which are generally shared regarding happiness, peace, love and work satisfaction. But when we speak of a vision of spiritual purpose there are not always a great number who have seriously contemplated their subtle future. We tend to be vague when questioned about our spiritual knowledge of life everlasting.  Many are even embarrassed to realise they have relied upon religious tenets and not applied their own concentrated thought to the subject.

However, at some time we are all called upon to face our own values and thoughts about the deeper meaning and purposes of our own lives, as well as human life in general.

If spiritual understanding is born of our own soul and intuition, and our spiritual future is determined by our individual efforts in our lives, then it is important that we each hold a vision of what our life goal is regarding our ultimate fate. This may only be certain in the material sense, to the extent that we know that our mortal self as we know it, will die and return to its home in the realms of spirit. But what do we know of our immortal spirit?

On such a search we recall the way of the Buddha and must seek for direct knowledge bearing in mind the classical directives ‘Know Thyself”, “The Kingdom of God is within you” etc. of those who have discovered more than we about the spiritual realities which are often belied by material values and conditions … and recall the simple Vedic prayer …

“From the unreal, lead me to the Real

From darkness, lead me into Light

From death lead me to Immortality.’

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