The Need to Love Nature

Yoga teachings are based upon natural laws that have been respected and reflected in human health and behavior over centuries of practical endeavour in what is known as Karma Yoga.

Other facets of the teaching, namely Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga are more philosophical and attract scholars who love wisdom and learning of a type that helps them understand the more abstract spheres beyond the material.

At present it would seem that students in the western world are attracted towards a more natural lifestyle and the practical health benefits of Hatha Yoga, based upon physical culture.

Those who inwardly respond to the message of the heart and seek to cultivate natural affection  follow the instincts natural to the Bhakti whose emotions grow in capacity for devotion.

Throughout all these specific avenues there runs a common thread – to observe, revere and attempt to exercise the development of the full potential of our human nature that will enable us to not only enjoy the gifts of nature but to become more attuned to the directing Supreme Intelligence  presiding beyond.

A love for nature is innate in us. An urge to discover more and more of all the natural kingdoms, both from a scientific approach or desire for truth and in appreciation and sense of wonderment at the glories of the vast universe in which we live. Associated with this desire to embrace a wider human consciousness is a natural, ever widening affection for the Intelligence behind all creation. We are only able to accomplish this by expanding our feelings of love for life along with the expansion of our thoughts and consciousness.

It is important that we refresh our thoughts about the natural laws we already know and wish to abide by; that we refresh our direct contact with nature and our natural surroundings; and that we find practical avenues whereby we can make a positive contribution to help preserve some of the natural life of nature’s forms and creation in the diverse kingdoms of living things on this wonderful but threatened planet.

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