Understanding that Love is the ultimate enduring quality, it is this capacity to love that is the focus of the Bhakti as it is the focus of the emotions of all of us.

The one who has a great devotional component in his or her nature will naturally seek to develop what the spiritual student deliberately sets as a personal discipline –

to extend the heartfelt feelings of love and compassion …. from particulars to the universal …. to an ultimate love of life itself….

from friends and family to embrace all humanity …. teachers, leaders, saints…

from home and country to all the nations of the world ….

from garden, plants and flowers to all forests and wilderness of our Earth …

from love of knowledge and appreciation of personal life experiences to a greater understanding of those common to all of human nature

to love and aspire to goodness, truth, beauty, peace and noble qualities and expressions….

to love all Nature, all life and the Great Creator of the Allness that we perceive in the atom as we do in the cosmos and the heavens.

Love is limitless and the human heart claims a capacity to love in ever increasing emotional feelings that determine a healthy state of body, mind and soul as we seek to contemplate our life Source remembering to revere the wondrous worlds material and spiritual β€˜in which we live and move and have our being…’ Holy Bible


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