Teach Meditation – A Simple Learning and Teaching Tool

In any teaching situation there is a place for meditation.

It is a tool for the instructor as it is for the student.

A few quiet moments interspersed with learning can help us, as students, absorb information in a relaxed state that better allows its processing by our subconscious mind. It is surprising how this can be effective in selecting material that is particularly helpful to us as well as offering an appropriate time for any remnant questions to surface.

For the instructor, meditation minutes provide opportunity for their personal mental refreshment that helps sharpen perception focus upon the following aspect of teaching that is required.

Meditation time that includes class and teacher provides a silent period of general mental rapport that frequently proves economical with time well utilised and more satisfying for both the transmitter and the receptor of instruction.

Regarding the approach to a general tutoring class situation the following simple hints may serve as a guideline for the teacher. They will be familiar to any teacher of Yoga or those dealing with stress management……


Meditation is a state that looks toward achieving a state of stillness – of mind and body.

To assist this and encourage concentration, the eyes are closed to shut out distraction.

A regular rhythmic nasal breath is established at a gentle and comfortable rate.

Attention is then given to consciously release any mental effort.

Patiently allow some minutes for the body to become quite still and the mind to accept the peaceful, receptive state that is our reward and indicates our preparedness to advance.

Depending upon the subject material and the different tutoring situations, the same simple principles can be applied or modified to suit as appropriate.

The minimum time for beginners’ meditation is approximately ten minutes. Those who find the practice helpful will, in their private time, be inclined to extend the period to a half hour or hour long meditation.

It is in meditation that the Yoga student who regularly follows the Hatha Yoga health practices findsboth mental and spiritual rewards.

Each Yoga teacher through his or her own experience finds a way to offer a path and method of meditation that simplifies and makes successful, the practice.

The art of Meditation is universally used to aid spiritual realization.


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