Teach Value of Non-Violence

Many parents who practise the physical disciplines of Yoga are able to pass on appropriate health benefits to their children by helping them to understand natural health principles and so encourage their co-operation. Building better health of course begins under direction of the parents but the practical skills and benefits are usually readily experienced, to serve as an encouragement to young ones.

Yoga teachers who have been trained to understand the modifications and cautions that accompany the health practices that were first designed for adult application are able to train and inspire children to take a positive life approach.

This will often help them later in avoiding the rebelliousness stages, peer pressure and negative temptations associated with drugs, alcohol and premature sexual experimentation.

Self confidence grows as students master their physical skill in assuming the many Asanas that present an enduring challenge.

As all methods used in the Yogic philosophy are based upon ‘non-violence’ or Ahimsa, these ideas are employed in gentle physical training, in encouraging right standards of behavior, and in cultivating constructive interests and actions rather than destructive trends.

Yoga teachers aspire to help you to help your children in simple matters of health and physical and mental well being.



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