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Asanas by Degrees – Variations

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

The wonderful system of maintaining a free, flexible, strong and healthy body through the practice of specific positions in addition to those involved in normal daily activity, is invaluable. It is based upon natural abilities for movement and the use of positions, the simplest of which can be observed in young children. The full range of body freedom is formalized in the sophisticated, traditional classical Indian Yoga teaching of the 84 Asanas passed down through the centuries.

There are understandably many common name variations to describe them in English, so there will be differences given out in different teaching institutions throughout the modern world. However there is serious attempt to retain the identity of the 84 classical Asanas by referring to the Indian names for them and standardize them for the future. However, as Indian names will be found to vary also, although each will end in ‘asana’, it demonstrates a certain need for identifying Asanas through the image as well as the word.


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