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Friday, December 18th, 2009

Psychology or the understanding of human nature is perceived as the knowledge of the total nature of the individual. This is inclusive of –

personality that comprises physical body,(kaya) emotional nature,(kama) and mental nature (manas) and conceived as a collection of feelings, perceptions (anjna) and past impressions (samskara)

soul that is perceived as the consciousness of the immortal self with its profound wisdom accumulated through many incarnations of life experiences relevant to male births or as females

spirit or the supreme directing intelligence of the individual being that is likened to a spark of the Universal fire, or as a drop of the Universal ocean of life of the Cosmos.

Once these aspects are recognized and identified through our own insight and understanding of ourselves it is possible to see ourselves as an integrated human being and be able to comprehend much more about ourselves than the mere personality.

Self knowledge and self understanding are held as important throughout all cultures and hinted at as the commencement before embarking on a more expansive search to comprehend the nature of all things beyond.

Although it is natural to require some knowledge or perception of our origins as well as our life purpose and future, the first can be replaced with the faith that it was from God or the Divine Light that we came and to this we return, life after life. Each life we undergo experiences that the law of Karma deems  necessary in our long spiritual evolution towards the ideal of human excellence and that mysterious concept, perfection.

We are likely to find life easier with acceptance of the natural law that stipulates that each individual grows through his own efforts. There is no known ‘instant’ achievement.

We can only add to any present knowledge of psychology by seeking to understand and embrace all ideas motivated by truth and directed towards truth.

There is much to learn.

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