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Teachings of the Great Gurus

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

The Great Gurus or Mahatmas are the wise ones who have lived through unknown numbers of human existences to have experienced all that life on earth dictates and learned all that has been necessary to achieve human excellence. They are the earth graduates, who have become more than human, or greater human beings.  They are the wise ones who have found the answers to our common questions about ourselves, about life, the universe and about the Supreme Consciousness we call God.

Some of these wise ones remain with us as leaders, guides or teachers. Many have developed great insight into human nature in their particular line of teaching. Others reveal the potential for development and application of human talents. Some offer us a simple philosophy as a guiding light through our difficulties and pain. Others make us aware of the power of our spiritual self beyond our personality limitations. Each possesses an understanding of human nature, including our own.


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