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Yoga Chikitsa

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Although yogic practices of Hatha Yoga are principally used as a method of preventing disease, they extend into the area of self-help therapy or Yoga Chikitsa.  Most of the healing disciplines originate in the ancient Ayurvedic system share many similar practices being incorporated in western naturopathic medicine today.

The philosophy behind the science is a respect for all life. It concedes that the tiniest expression of natural life has its design and purpose within life’s evolution, even the smallest atom, or ion. Within its basic philosophy and in common with the Chinese system of medicine


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Yoga Nidra – The Practice of Relaxation

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Yama, the first stage in Ashtanga Yoga, represents the end of the old ways and the first positive stage in the practice of a new self image and the elimination of bad habits relating both to health and character.

The practices are to clear the way and demand the application of physical methods for inner body hygiene as well as the eradication of any layers of emotional and mental stress that may inhibit one’s progress to health and happiness.


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