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Dhyana Meditation – A Simple Approach

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Meditation aims to arrive at a natural state of mind that comes when we are free of stress, when our thoughts are cheerful and our mind without disturbance.  

Meditation or Dhyana is the seventh yogic discipline. It has four stages – relaxation of the mind, concentration of thought, elevation of the soul, and expansion of the spirit. These ideally culminate in peaceful or heightened experiences of universal consciousness. Each of these states depends upon a release of restricting influences, and an expansion into a more secure state and condition until one is capable of feeling whole and untroubled.


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Yoga for Total Health

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The natural simplicity of yoga teachings attracts the attention of many who are searching for guidelines that will direct them to a more satisfying, healthier, more meaningful way of living.

Yoga as a system developed as natural laws became known and applied. We know it as one of the branches of Indian Philosophy of the Vedas that became an established a system with traditions, some of which are echoed in the modern application of yoga teaching.


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