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Yoga Asanas

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Mastering Yoga Asanas offers the third stage in traditional training in the 8 fold system prescribed by Patanjali.

The system of Asanas was developed through understanding that the attitude or the position of the body affects the mind just as a mental attitude reflects in the assumed physical stance or posture. What we now call “body language” in modern understanding is just a new awareness of an ancient principle. Aware of the intimate association between mind and body the Indian sages developed a system of Yoga Asanas to assist both physical and spiritual development and well being. Traditional training in Hatha Yoga encourages mastery of some or all of the 84 classic Asanas over a period of time. This demands skill in both strength and flexibility and assists in activating our full range of mental faculties.


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Exercising – The Yoga Way

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


The physical training system of Hatha Yoga is based upon the classic Asanas or static poses of the body although exercises for both development of strength and acquiring flexibility are included in the disciplines.

In regard to dynamic exercise, the standard Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salute is the traditional universal exercise consisting of 12 movements. The series of 12 positions is repeated a number of times as set by the teacher, usually 3 x, 7 x or 12 x are those given in the western school.  In Ashrams in India where concentration is given to healing the sick, patients are asked to perform the series an unlimited number of times – until the body breaks out in induced perspiration that is believed to be the beginning of a cure for most diseases.


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Sun /Moon – Hatha Yoga Symbolism

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

The principle followed in the study of Hatha Yoga is that of balancing the two complementary energies that affect all life on earth including human. Perfect health is seen as a result of this balance. A similar principle is seen to be contained in the Chinese symbolism of Yang /Yin,by which the harmony of natural forces in the universe is maintained. A simple study of the characteristics confirms the validity of this principle regarding human nature.

Regarding the philosophy behind Hatha Yoga, it is understood that ideally, in perfect health, a male predominantly expresses the qualities attributed to the Sun and a female predominantly expresses the Moon qualities. So the male develops his body for outward expression of strength and power as the female exercises for flexibility and grace in her natural physical expression.


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