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Vision of Total Wellness

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

We can assume that we are totally well when –

Upon awakening, we look forward to the day’s activity optimistically

We feel emotionally capable of feeling relaxed and contented or enthusiastic and happy

We do not feel anxious, fearful, discontented, or depressed

Our practical thinking is clear, rational and constructive


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Teaching Children Yoga

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Many parents who practise the physical disciplines of Yoga are able to pass on appropriate health benefits to their children by helping them to understand natural health principles and so encourage their co-operation. Building better health of course begins under direction of the parents but the practical skills and benefits are usually readily experienced, to serve as an encouragement to young ones.

Yoga teachers who have been trained to understand the modifications and cautions that accompany the health practices that were first designed for adult application are able to train and inspire children to take a positive life approach.


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Surya Namaskara – Sun Salute

Friday, August 7th, 2009

The Classical Yoga Exercise is called Surya Namaskara – better known to Western students as the ‘Sun Exercise’ or ‘Salute to the Sun’. This physical exercise is traditionally performed as a daily discipline in order to assist health by stimulating the major organs and glands of the body. It is usually executed as a continuous flow of twelve movements and, as with all yogic exercise, a slower pace is considered more complete approach, allowing better mental concentration.

The twelve positions each have an attendant thought focus upon the twelve universally accepted qualities of the Sun which when blended, offer a concept of perfection, or completeness. Although these are associated with inner recitation of the classical Sanskrit, it is modified appropriately in keeping with say Christians who may use the movements combined with the Lord’s Prayer just as other non-Hindus will apply their appropriate modifications.


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Natural Nutrition

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

When viewed from a materialistic standpoint it would seem that substance is our first need in the form of food. Viewed from the spiritual, the first requisites would be the subtler forms of nourishment gained by breathing fresh air, bathing in sunshine, and drinking pure water. The priorities alter with one’s perception but certainly the argument that food is top priority is flawed when we can exist in good health for weeks without food, only days without water, only minutes without air.

Nevertheless, although it may reasonably lose its place as top priority, nourishment through food is certainly top of the list for many of us and to assume a very important part of daily life and often daily indulgences.


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Pranayama- Elementary Breath Control

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Prana is the name given to the universal life giving and sustaining energy of nature. We are kept refuelled with this vital need every minute of the day and night through the process of respiration.  Most of this process occurs unconsciously. When we learn to direct our awareness to the mechanism of breathing and focus our conscious mind upon respiration so that we can direct our energy it is known as the practice of Pranayama.

The breath is our lifeline whereby our subtle connection is maintained between body and soul. There are many yogic practices that suggest unusual capacities and these can be demonstrated by yogis skilled in the mastery of this discipline.  However, only the simplest exercises that interfere with the natural, unconscious rhythms should be practised without personal instruction.  For example –


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Hatha Yoga

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The name of this marga, Hatha Yoga is made up of  Ha = the sun and Tha = the moon, symbolic of the two celestial bodies and energies that maintain our planet. These energies are represented in the electro-magnetic energies of our bodies, in the two branches of our nervous systems and the need for balance between them.

Health of body and control of it is demonstrated by many physical skills and demonstrations of mind mastery over the body. The Hatha Yogi sees the human body as a temple for the soul and as a schoolroom for his learning – seeking to understand as much as possible about it and its function, as well as developing the potential for utilizing and controlling its energies.


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Yoga for Total Health

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The natural simplicity of yoga teachings attracts the attention of many who are searching for guidelines that will direct them to a more satisfying, healthier, more meaningful way of living.

Yoga as a system developed as natural laws became known and applied. We know it as one of the branches of Indian Philosophy of the Vedas that became an established a system with traditions, some of which are echoed in the modern application of yoga teaching.


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Introduction to Yoga

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The word yoga means to unite, to join together or to integrate. Here there are several spheres of reference integration of the physical with the emotional nature learning to co-ordinate emotional and mental aims to integrate mind and body- and to join the individual soul to the Universal Life Source, or God.

The system known as Yoga is an integral part of the classical systems of Indian Philosophy, all of which stem from the ancient and profound Vedic teachings that are considered to have their origin in antiquity. The Vedas refer to all aspects of human life and the natural sciences, including those involved in the spiritual evolution and advancement of mankind. Readers may already be aware of the value of the therapeutic aspects of the teachings known as Ayurveda, the philosophic Vedanta (the last of the Vedas) and the poetic and mystical Upanishads. It is believed that all our great western philosophers over the centuries have dipped into and adopted these Indian wisdom teachings with the result that many similar ideas permeate their doctrines. Both the philosophic and the practical guidelines of old are a valued source of information that continues to inspire earnest scholars as well as all those who question life today.


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