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Yamas/Niyamas – Yogic Ethics

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

There is no question that the teaching and the spirit of Yoga keeps alive the highest spiritual aspirations and the ethical and moral values that help us to lead quality lives, regardless of circumstances.

The moral and ethical codes of traditional Yogic philosophy are encapsulated in what is called the Yamas/Niyamas or the Practices and Restraints that we would recognize as ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, most of which are common to most cultures and certainly to all religious principles.


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Ashtanga Yoga

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Raja Yoga is the royal Yoga explaining higher development and discovery of our hidden powers resulting in complete inner harmony, concentration and meditation.

The eight-fold Path of Patanjali’s is a strong basis for one’s commencement of study and is common to all yoga margas or paths. Known as Ashtanga Yoga this 8-fold teaching has 7 stages of disciplines requiring effort from the individual. The eighth stage is known as Samadhi and is the result of spiritual grace following personal effort and aspiration towards God.  It is the reward of personal discipline and intensity of aspiration and devotion but it is also a mysterious factor beyond our conscious control that results in our spiritual enlightenment and with it, a state of ineffable bliss.


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