Sun /Moon – Hatha Yoga Symbolism

The principle followed in the study of Hatha Yoga is that of balancing the two complementary energies that affect all life on earth including human. Perfect health is seen as a result of this balance. A similar principle is seen to be contained in the Chinese symbolism of Yang /Yin,by which the harmony of natural forces in the universe is maintained. A simple study of the characteristics confirms the validity of this principle regarding human nature.

Regarding the philosophy behind Hatha Yoga, it is understood that ideally, in perfect health, a male predominantly expresses the qualities attributed to the Sun and a female predominantly expresses the Moon qualities. So the male develops his body for outward expression of strength and power as the female exercises for flexibility and grace in her natural physical expression.

Attendant to these physical characteristics are the qualities and personality traits associated with them. So a man in his self culture patterns himself to have the desired attributes of strength of mind and will, as well as leadership and a woman predominantly seeks to express beauty and kindness.

If each individual lives in accordance with this basic principle ordained by Nature, then it is likely that health will be assured because of the appropriate polarity of energies that are generated and conducted through the glandular system of the body and the nervous system. There is little argument against the male/female division of the sexes being representative of the electro/magnetic energies which can be closely seen to relate to the positive and negative currents in electricity.

From a spiritual point of view it is understood that for this present lifetime or incarnation each soul assumes one sex or the other according to factors that are beyond our concern and obey a law we do not yet understand. Some believe it is in obedience to the law of Karma and others hold that the physical sex is the choice of the soul itself.  As the soul is neither male or female all human qualities, both the ideal male and ideal female, must in time be developed if we are to conceive of human perfection as the ultimate life purpose.

The individual’s inherent qualities and talents that exist in his soul nature, regardless of sex are beyond these boundaries and are considered as the virtues and potential human qualities that latent and common to us all. When all these soul qualities are developed and expressed in a balanced manner, we look to that person as wise.

We known then, that if born male, regardless of what softer qualities we may possess in our character, our principle discipline is to accent those symbolized by the Sun. Conversely if female, in spite of any inner character strengths we may possess, our principle discipline is to cultivate the virtues attributed to the Moon.

The following outlines the qualities defined by tradition according to this philosophy. It serves to guide the yogi’s personal self discipline towards spiritual growth, known as Sadhana.

THE SUN – energies are is positive and electric

A constant radiance of energy

Actively shines by day

Creative power



Sun is heat & represents fire

Sun is Strength

Sun symbolizes the spirit


Sun represents reason

The Sun commands

The Sun rules the visible world

Gold is the metal of the Sun

The Sun represents universality


THE MOON – energies are receptive and magnetic

A cyclic radiance waxing and waning

Actively shines by night


Sub-conscious or unconscious

Moon is cool & represents water

Moon gentleness, subtlety

Moon represents the soul

Moon is idealistic

Moon intuitive

The Moon encourages

The Moon rules the invisible worlds

Silver is the metal of the Moon

The Moon represents the particular

Both Sun and Moon energies are powerful are required for growth – of all living things. Warmth and moisture are needed for all progress and growth on all planes of being as demonstrated in the germination of seeds where water is needed to swell the seed and warmth to motivate growth.

Some contemplation is required to fully focus upon the importance of both the solar energies and the lunar ones in regard to our existence on this planet. The sun properties are more obvious and we all tend to say we rely upon the sun for our life on earth. However, without the moon we would have no tides or movement of the waters, we would have no growth of plants and other living things as we know them, we would have no procreation of species of humans or animals and without rain and moisture, the sun would become the cause of our destruction.

The Sun represents the Father influence – paternal, commanding, directing the energies of man. It motivates the individual towards the asserting of his better and nobler self.

Regarding life on our Earth, the Sun represents the Creator or Supreme Intelligence – beyond which, as we understand through astronomy, exist other and superior Suns in a continuance without end.

Our Moon is our Mother that confines our energies to our earthly home, gently encouraging us to reflect and to learn to manifest our full potential.

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  1. Hello, can you please post some more information on this topic? I would like to read more.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment Konstantin. It is rewarding to know where other people’s interests lie. I will certainly add other posts dealing with this symbolism . It is a simple directive to help us in our physical culture, psychological make up and perhaps of importance to so many, to accept the polarity and the sex that nature has determined for us, along with its unique strengths and virtues.
    Best wishes, Sally E Janssen

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  4. carlos says:

    Thanks for the article. I know that certain asanas have lunar qualities and some have solar attributes. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list?

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    Here’s your checklist of sensible wholesome living guidelines that are
    prepared to go. Let’s get began.

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