Subjects for Class

There are different subjects that open up teaching opportunities as to the application of the Yogic philosophy.

e.g. Mention of Astrology could give opportunity to discuss personality types and self control

Stress could lead to causes and techniques to reduce tension

Ayurveda leads to presentation of the ancient science and its long held traditions

Balance – Hatha Yoga
Benefits of Yoga practice
Chakras – and Energy
Colour – and Light
Detachment – attitudes
Emotions and thought
Fate and Free Will
God – concepts
Goodness – virtues
Hygiene – health rules
Importance of the Breath – pranayama
Karma – cause and effect
Love – devotion
Meditation – Mala and Mantra
Nature and its Elements
Natural Laws – defining morals, ethics
Relationships – understanding
Reincarnation – justice, Divine justice
Smiling – habit for happiness
Truth – discussing concepts
Wisdom – what is it?

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