There are many and sometimes confusing thoughts and impressions gleaned from the multitudinous sources of information we have available today.
But there is little misunderstanding of what constitutes a materialistic person, focussed upon values associated with worldly life and satisfaction and who strives to accumulate wealth and goods.
Those we consider are emotional people display a wealth of feelings with easy expressions of both positive and /or negative emotions, but who value human relationships and affection from others as their idea of wealth above material circumstances.
Intellectual or ‘thinking’ people obviously develop a wealth of ideas, thoughts, philosophies and depend upon an exchange of ideas to seek learning of all kinds in order to accumulate a wealth of knowledge for harnessing to their ambitions.
In relation to the concept of spirituality and what constitutes a person who is often referred to as ‘spiritual’, it is subtler. It is rather a quality that indicates commitment beyond any religious observances, to the universal virtues imbued in the spiritual wisdom of the ages; a wisdom that leads towards self excellence and self responsibility and an inherent desire to seek an avenue to be of service to humanity.
We will see a little of ourselves in all the above, but fewer will relate to the spiritual and abstract than the more down to earth appreciation of the ‘practicalities’ expressed in the more material personality.
However, there is the important matter of energy and its different avenues and uses. How we generate energy, how we waste it, how we choose to direct and utilize it determines our growth through the self will and self determination that is our common birthright.
To contemplate the extremes between the practical materialistic person to whom his ego is important, and the spiritual, caring person who aspires to selflessness gives us a perspective in furthering our awareness on this matter.
However, the essential element we must agree exists in the ‘spiritual human being’ is that they inspire and vitalize us or by their example, encourage us towards further effort towards our own growth.

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