Experience Universality

With any degree of expansion of our consciousness, we are enriched. Sometimes it comes to us through some intensified perception, increased understanding, greater life motivation and purpose or a more vital attitude towards our personal life.

By degrees we gradually grow as a person to become strengthened as an individual through our free will that allows us to realise how importance it is that we use and assert our individual talents, yet also comforted by the awareness and that we are only a small part of the whole – the greater Universal Consciousness.

We all struggle to discover our own special talents and qualities that when fulfilled will satisfy our personal ego, yet at the same time we find great sense of relief when we are able to feel trusting enough to surrender our personal ego and sense of self.  Only the letting go of our lesser personality allows us to experience the comfort and the safety of a wider spiritual consciousness. We feel this whenever we allow our self centredness to temporarily melt away in meditation, for instance,  or when we feel good after having demonstrated  a degree of self sacrifice, generosity or kindness to others.

Meditation is a natural process.  It is a natural talent to be able to relax, uplift and expand the mind. However, because it is seldom practised regularly, we have to re-educate ourselves until the natural ability returns to us.

Many people have experienced wider spiritual consciousness either through aspiration, expansions of a loving heart, through spontaneous insights and reactions, dream experiences and many factors that result in us knowing of the existence of other, higher levels of consciousness. However, to deliberately encourage these experiences we can choose to follow specific preparations which are known in the various schools of meditation.

There is no great intellectualization required in meditation. Meditation is not accomplished through intellectual skill or application but by the simple qualities of humility and sincerity in seeking truth and by wishing to understand the greater truths of life. We find this is possible through willingness to surrender things that do not matter and to hold to our noblest principles.

We begin to understand the spiritual reality that we are all sharing existence as cells in the great body of the whole of humanity. With this and similar wonderful realizations we are strengthened by the sense of brotherhood with others and need no further proof of the existence of the benign Power of the Universality that exists and presides over all life on earth. We know it by direct experience.

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