Solitude Nourishes the Soul

In seeking solitude we undertake to follow a conscious or unconscious desire to relate more directly to Nature itself, or the Universal life beyond our own human nature and personality that we know so well and the complexity of our relationship with others.

Sometimes to be alone is needed for a time when we get tired of that same old personality when we can for a time forget who and what we are and just experience the simple experience of just being alive – in the beautiful, wider and wonderful world of nature itself. We all cherish the times when we have know that state us just ‘being’ and no longer thinking or feeling – just being.

These are the times however, that support us throughout the many pains and problems we have to fact in life as we remember how safe we are in the comfort of the greater life around us. We can let go the pettiness, the problems, and rediscover the seemingly limitless life energies that teem in every atom and every living thing. We learn to ‘let go’ and in letting go the tangles we become renewed and revitalized in a new and increasing awareness of our identification with the universal things and values instead of particulars. As we expand we feel better, bigger, more powerful, more integrated and whole, we feel safe, we feel appreciative and blessed with the gift of our life, we find our heart refreshed and loving, more loving and feel loved. These are the many experiences shared by those who know solitude and its pleasures.

But we must feel ready to be alone. Some of us are nervous even in brief periods of solitude.
Some feel lonely in their aloneness, particular when having known the pleasure of shared life journeying and company. Some never lose the yearning for this type of fulfilment in sharing
and some of us yearn for a fulfilment we have never found in spite of our desire.

Others happily choose to travel alone in their vital adventurous push towards their goal and the distant summit.

Beyond times of shared companionship and experiences along the way, there are the beautiful and rare companions with whom we may wish to stop to rest or enjoy a time with those to whom we feel attuned. More wonderful is to discover en route one’s soul mate with whom a deeper and enduring relationship is established to make happier journeying through the ups and downs of life circumstances as well as the mutual exchange and richness of soul which comes from sharing.

Some travellers linger to study and observe nature around them. Others are sympathetic to those in need and interrupt their journey in order to encourage others or to assist or to heal those who are suffering.

Inevitably no matter our chosen style of travel, we retain our singular identity, regardless of our close companions, as we began, so we arrive at our eventual destination, alone.


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