Through yoga we learn that better health comes through simple, natural practices aimed at self-care. The aim in Hatha Yoga is to take as much responsibility as possible for our own health. The body is regarded as the physical temple of one’s soul and we are its custodians.

Bhakti Yoga is concerned with our self culture of our heart or emotional nature and its disciplines are subtler but equally based on the simple philosophy of loving kindness towards our fellows and devotion to God. We try to keep our hearts pure and free from ill feeling of any kind.

Raja Yoga encourages the seeker for truth and knowledge that can be constructively employed and the elements in mind training are well known to those who study any science. Mental faculties are many and are employed not to make the mind supreme but that strong thought should serve the heart and emotional nature and give direction for a life of action.

There are other Margas or approaches but these three represent key ingredients in our personality. Our task is to integrate and harmonize these energies within ourselves.

In order to channel our life energies we are aided by a simple personal philosophy. Although Yogic philosophy and other traditional systems or viewpoints are of great interest and can help us, we are left to formulate our own. In this, we rely upon our intuition and use our personal choice to select ideas that bring us confidence and peace.

A simple philosophy that will assist us to refrain from negative action, thought and feeling is better than the most complex intellectual exploration. Our philosophy offers a blueprint or pattern for self culture that we choose as a reliable personal reference towards our ideal.

The age-old philosophy associated with Vedic teachings is ever present for our study and assistance. When we choose to call upon its great spiritual wisdom we will find that it
reminds us that greatness and simplicity usually go hand in hand.

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