SIMPLICITY – The Spiritual Life

We learn that better health comes through purification of the body, body building, and self discipline to maintain youthfulness and vitality. Simple practices require the inclusion of hygiene techniques, fasting, relaxation, natural diet, exercises to integrate mind and body, postural control and attention to correct upright body posture.

Some will choose to add further practices in breath control, muscular development, emotional discipline, mental exercises and spiritual self culture through meditation.
No matter how we specialize or what other disciplines we follow, the basic ones of health remain fundamental to our well being, just as common sense helps retain our mental balance.

So we are reminded to appreciate the importance of simple principles that help us to anchor the vital energies that will enable us to live as we desire, in quality of health and quality of our lifestyle.

In our philosophy loving kindness, truth and goodness play their part within our personal
outlook that guide us to live in accordance with the moral codes and life knowledge we inherit from aeons of human civilization. To include a deep reverence for the Creator – the great Allness that is the spiritual Source of our being provides us with the ingredient of inspiration.

Whether our personal attitudes and choices, made from our power centre of free will, differ one from one another is of little moment when we share our common sense, our loving heartedness and our desire to live a constructive life by respecting and caring for the life of other living beings. We must consider all life, whether plants, birds, fish, animals, or human or indeed the very elements of Nature that sustain us – our beloved Earth, its waters, and its atmosphere.

By changing our focus from argument and criticism and aggression regarding our differences we begin to become free of the stress and strain created by our intense sense of individuality to find we expand in a common understanding, in attitudes of mind and in our hearts.

When our choices prove wise and take us along the path that leads us to be kind to ourselves and to others, and refrain from violence of thought, word and deed, we will naturally begin to feel at ease and freer to experience in consciousness knowledge of being an integral part of the greater universe. This brings with it a profound sense of ‘coming home’.

The most respected quality of greatness is that of simplicity and its rarest human expression is in simple spirituality.

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