Simple Meditations

Instead of a seemingly complex mental process, the key to meditation is in simplicity. There are two basic concepts that can help us prepare or to may help refresh our current  meditation practice.


The first is that of release and expansion of consciousness. This is the required of both physical and mental relaxation, and in preparation for meditation.

Once having prepared your comfortable seat and eyes closed, visualize yourself as a spherical body of energy that expands and stretches a little wider with every conscious exhalation of the breath.  It is like a balloon or a bubble, growing wider as you seek to embrace more and more of life, from your centre to the environment around you and further…..

Only through a sense of letting go, of surrendering, of dissolving the tight ego sense of “I” can we ever grow according to the Laws of Nature that determines growth in all spheres.

Some find a simple affirmation helps… such as “I am stretching, slowly opening the windows of my being to allow more life and light to flow through me.”

It is simply a matter of choosing what seems an appropriate concept, phrase or mantra that appeals and to which you can apply a little concentration, visualization and imagination.

Create your own and as with all affirmations, begin with “I am…”


Elevation of consciousness requires a little aspiration towards a higher aim.  It is an upward growth impulse that can be applied in various spheres of our lives. We may aspire to total wellness and harmony in our psychological nature seeking to reflect the finest qualities of our balanced, loving and caring nature. Mentally we may seek to grow to intellectual heights. Or we may seek greater wisdom and spiritual understanding of our immortal soul. Beyond this we may seek closer contact or identification with the greatest of human beings.

We require an upward goal, vision or example that can help us anchor the abstract and help uplift our awareness and aspiration to whatever is the source of our personal spiritual inspiration.

Although we may choose to think of someone who represents to us a human expression of what we aspire to in life, it is better to freely focus upon universal principles and seek to become our own hero or heroine and to become what we aspire to be.

Then visualization can be applied appropriately. One example is the use of the mountain top as our symbolic reference. As we sit quietly and breathe evenly, there is a sense of progress as in our imagination we climb little by little from the plain to the summit above.

When enjoying a pleasant experience we have felt spontaneously in the course of our meditation minutes, it will then feel natural enough to formulate a simple affirmation that reflects how we feel.

We are free to use any method or technique that works for us in consciously approaching spiritual awareness but all exercises are to help us identify ourselves with our soul, the inner spiritual part of our nature and beyond to a greater sense of the universal consciousness in which we all live and move and have our being.

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