To define the simple principles that all people over the world share – that is, the universal principles that guide humans how to live well – has the potential to eliminate the violence and chaos that threatens our existence and that of all life on our planet – if we choose to live by these principles.

By eliminating talk of our differences, a habit that has eroded our well being, and with a focus upon our shared ideals, the human culture and our present civilization could perhaps avoid catastrophe.

No longer can we avoid the fact that the resources upon which our lifestyle in the western world has depended are fast becoming depleted with no real evidence of a workable correction in practice.

That our materialistic society based on wealth, and motivated by greed rather than need has failed, is now a perception shared by those who care.

That religions have failed to unite the world is apparent and we know that failure will accompany any future effort that results in fragmenting our vast populations by aggressive or possessive attitudes claiming exclusive right to our Maker.

If we are to succeed we must act now and resist the old reactions that have destroyed world peace.

What are these simple principles we must act upon?
Any answers given will echo all that our great philosophers and citizens have declared, for example,

Honour our father and our mother – those who have given and nurtured our early life.
Know that male and female are equal and opposite in the natural and the human world.
Observe and preserve Nature and its laws.
Respect all natural life of which we are custodians.
Abstain from violence if we wish to arrive at peace.
Love one another in the spirit of brotherhood within the family of mankind.

At this time of year it is made a little easier to think of surrendering that which is worthless for the sake of true value. This naturally will include our participation in personal sacrifices as in combined determination of the whole of humanity to preserve the beautiful Earth and to express the noblest qualities of which human beings are capable. Let each of us begin today……..

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