Seated Asanas

A comfortable seated position is required in order to practise breath controls of Pranayama, as well as the mental disciplines and pracitices of Raja Yoga such as concentration and in particular meditation, which demands longer duration of a pose to be held.

There are many variations of the basic classical Asanas used in order to arrive at the desired comfortable position . Adjustments are made for individual special needs but in ease case it is important to assume an upright postion of the spine.

Although sitting on the heels is appropriate for children and many adults,

it is a choice for a limiited time. It is known as Vajrasana





Children enjoy taking the Padmasana or Lotus pose but not for sustained periods


   Perhaps long enough to say their prayers

Adults usually have to work to regain childhood flexibility and find

this a pleasantly comfortable one – Sukhasana




This is the half lotus – towards Padmasana




Known as Siddhasana – the Perfect Pose




The following Asana is an extreme one that offers a serious challenge if one wishes to master the classical poses and to test the full flexibility and capabilities of the body in Hatha Yoga practice and known as the Adept’s Pose.

It is not one to assume for comfort!

Remember,  comfort is the most important factor if you wish to retain the position for a period of time and this can only be achieved after conditioning your body through the appropriate exercises.

A special comforter is provided by simply sitting on the corner of a folded rug or low pillow so that you are raised a little and your weight tilted slightly forward. Try it!

If it is not possible or inadvisable for you to assume cross legged postions on the floor, the alternative is to take the so called ‘Egyptian’ pose sitting upright in a chair with feet on the floor and hands placed in the lap or on the thighs.

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