The Life Science of the Vedas of India encapsulates the wisdom of mankind to the extent that it provided the basis for future civilizations seeking to progress towards the ideal human existence. As with all human efforts to date, each civilization is successful only to some extent, and reaches a peak, only to collapse through the familiar personal problems and weaknesses that prove destructive to society as a whole and in doing this, we are deprived of an external system of support that encourages the good and overcomes evil.

Each civilization has succumbed, but the enduring guidelines and wisdom remains, to be inherent in the seeds of any new effort to create a heaven on earth, instead of the hells into which we tend to fall. The wisdom of the ages is based upon human experience within human cultures that function within and under the powerful laws of Nature that determine the larger issues beyond the personal capacity or vision of any individual human being.

The essence of these laws is benign. The purpose of human existence but dimly perceived by man and yet all things are designed to awaken both free will and its twin faculty of willingness to abide by Nature, as the wise and loving ‘parent’ or Creator of us all.

The first guidepost then is to study Nature and its laws and work within the pattern of the humble acceptance of the greater powers of life at the same time respecting the individual’s free will that is exercised when experiencing both the joy and the responsibility involved in making choices.

The Vedas of India are ancient and are thought to date back to the first civilizations of man, thousands of years, even millions of years ago. They establish the principles and outline the discoveries of human intelligence that provide answers to the innate questions common to each of us – who we are, why we are here. The teachings offer us purpose and vision of a path to a better future where man can fulfil his desires for material life on a beautiful earth as his home, develop the wisdom of his soul, and contribute personal innate talents and energies to the welfare of others and the ‘heaven on earth’ to which all aspire.

Through science we seek for truth in all avenues of learning, in any undertaking and in our feelings and actions as we find expression or demonstration of the truths we have found.

So it is with the Science of Life itself.

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