To attempt to express in every endeavour the natural female qualities most sacred –beauty, peace and love.
To nurture and protect infant life – during gestation and following
To elevate the quality of life
To preserve natural beauty and to honour the kingdoms of all natural life
To foster idealism and refinement
To preside within the home over moral values and response to departures from ethics
To contribute to peace
To ensure education of children prepares them to cope with material, emotional and mental conditions.
To teach by home values rather than rely upon artificially generated values fostered in external indoctrinations and attitude of outside institutions.
To teach the subtle truths such as an innate belief in the inherent qualities residing in each person and to respect themselves as they do others.
To accept early responsibility to a large extent, for the health and well being of the whole family and to be aware that the grounding only is her care, not the decisions that are made by free choices of the child after reaching maturity.
To ensure that there is an equal emphasis placed upon the role of parents and to cultivate equal respect due to them.
To cherish the classical cultures teaching honesty, truth and positive creative actions whilst being helpful as to overcoming fears, mistrust and uncertainties.
To convey the spiritual realities and status of importance along with the material, psychological and intellectual goals.
To be loyal to her feminine nature and its gentle qualities and strengths and not seek to usurp those of men.
To refrain from assertions of her opinion, attitudes and female role other than that established as complementary to the male rather than antagonistic. Only co-operatively can peace be found in the home.

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