Relationship with Nature

Understanding nature is to expand our understanding of the Creator. Its infinite variety in form, colour, quality and expression leaves us in perpetual wonderment.

Philosophers recognize the invisible Supreme Spirit or Universal Consciousness and Its outer expression in the visible material world of Nature are One.

Natural life on our Earth offers us a visible comprehension of the limitless wonders of the Cosmos. It reminds us that in the face of this immensity we have benefit of the natural world around us and bear a responsibility as custodians to help maintain it.  This is not hard to accept if we love Nature or aspects of it and seek to improve our efforts to widen our embrace of the entire natural world.

We need to keep mindful of our limited capacity to contribute to Nature itself and yet retain our sense of personal power and confidence that we can live within the human realm and contribute to the wealth and wonder of human culture and achievement.

There are many amongst us who recognize and appreciate the Natural world around us and are aware of the natural laws that function and imbue all life as we know it on our planet.

To the extent that we refer to these laws and seek to live by them we gradually grow in comprehension of the truths and realities of great Nature itself.

Nature is our eternal guide and teacher and we are in our role as its students. When in doubt we can apply the litmus test by asking ourselves as to what is natural. Whereas other creatures react to instinct alone, humans possess intuition or the voice of free will and choice complicates matters for us. We must learn to blend instinct and intuition in our choices.

To choose to rebel against Nature and challenge the known natural Laws leads to chaos.

To choose to apply natural Law to our lives leads to harmony and order.

Our relationship with Nature, as our relationship with all things, with people and with God, is based upon the consciousness that Love as the vital ingredient.

As we feel our direct relationship with Nature develop so our sense of spiritual security grows and we can expect human stresses to melt away to know peace in our hearts and minds.

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