Raja Yoga Helps the Mind

Raja Yoga assists us in all these areas offering a sound system of self culture of our mind.

To improve and maintain our mental health we need to follow the natural principles that we keenly observe in relation to physical health. They equally apply to our whole psychological nature.

We also need to identify any early symptoms of irregularity in our thoughts and feelings so that these do not magnify to become mental illness.

In addition we need to have self confidence and know that we can change our psychological states and patterns of behaviour to better suit our own ideal self image. And most importantly we must have a vision of what constitutes true mental health that can serve to inspire our personal efforts and disciplines.

Training begins with the difficult but necessary requirement of being able to relax the mind, much as we must do for physical health of our bodies.

Then we must learn mental hygiene to be able to clear unwanted thoughts from our mind before establishing mental exercise programmes.

Improved concentration is the main focus as a means of strengthening our intellect. Stretching our mental muscles is accomplished through developing our various mental faculties including that of imagination.

As we make personal effort in these avenues, so we improve in our quiet contemplation and meditative ability when we are rewarded with new and refreshing experiences in consciousness.

These are uplifting, positive and often powerful influences that help us to grow in understanding of all facets of life according to our soul’s interests. A mind that is mentally fit and healthy can transform difficulties into positives to help you overcome difficulties in your life.

If you find you cannot keep your mind still – if unwelcome thoughts become a concern – if your concentration is poor and faculties not as sharp as before – if you seem unable to relax – if you are anxious and do not feel secure and contented then  you will certainly find that Raja Yoga will help you greatly.

And if you find that your mind is less than creative lately, and you have not had a recent ‘new’ idea it is certain that you need to find greater satisfaction in improved mental vitality.

This avenue towards mental fitness should be seriously considered in natural sequence after practising Hatha Yoga.

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