Raja Yoga – The Royal Path

A talk delivered by renowned philosopher and teacher of Raja Yoga, Gerrit Janssen at the Naturopathic Convention 1967 Sydney NSW

I have been asked to say a few things about the training of the mind or Raja Yoga. It is known as the Royal Path because for its noble purpose in seeking to develop human excellence and apply self control in the most difficult area of self discipline- the personality.

Throughout thousands of years Gurus or spiritual teachers have maintained that man is a spiritual being. This spiritual nature or being expresses itself through a set of vehicles known as the personality. The object of our incarnation in the flesh is spoken of in the Biblical language of “bringing the Kingdom of God upon this Earth” or, in the language of the Yogi, of spiritualizing the physical or material vehicle.

We may hear the accusation that Christians and other adherents to particular religions only adhere to their religious observances on Sundays or special days and that during other days they serve their own purely materialistic purposes.  This may be caused by the Soul or Inner Self not having sufficient grip upon the personality.  The soul and outer nature are not yet integrated. When the mind is being stilled by the practical science and techniques of Raja Yoga it will then reflect whatever the Soul or Inner Self wants to express more closely. Dissolving inner conflicts allows the personality to begin to reflect the deeper attributes and understanding of the Soul.

Now the ideas of the true Yogi perceives the Soul is that part of our being in much closer contact with God  and the spiritual Laws and energies of the Universe. When the mind is stilled it will become a clearer channel through what is known as ‘ the practice of the Presence of God’ or as the scientist says:  ‘The Presence always and everywhere of Law Universal.”

It is not only for the ultimate link with God that Raja Yoga is practised but every step along the way of disciplining the mind leads to more self awareness and ability to control  the thoughts that issue from the brain. The quality of these thoughts can and do affect the health of the body and our general well being. To develop a healthy mind and inhabit a healthy body is to practise Raja Yoga in principle.

When once the bloodstream is clear and sufficient nutrients nourish the brain, healthy thought becomes possible. We can conceive positive, constructive and harmonious thoughts and give birth to creative new ideas.

Then we will have realized the first stages of the long journey we have embarked upon under the guiding wisdom and practical knowledge of Gurus – those who have already achieved the spiritual goal and ultimate fulfilment of the human potential.

Such great and noble Souls are our spiritual guides and leaders recognized by their nobility of Soul and Royal dignity that expresses loving kindness, truth and great wisdom born of life experience.

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