Preparing for Meditation – A Simple Formula (1)

Our Purpose

Firstly, we must wish to improve our state of mind and consciousness and to rise above current problems and stress so that we can anticipate a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Need for Privacy and Stillness

Best following physical exercise, we need to sit still and conserve our energy. Eyes are closed to avoid distractions.

Sitting Still is a Discipline until it become Pleasant to do so

As our bodies remain still and relaxed it is easier to feel emotionally and mentally calm and peaceful. It is a relief to feel of effort and strain.

We wish to feel peaceful enough to allow positive thoughts to take root in our minds – ones that engender confidence in ourselves and in life’s ultimate goodness and purpose.

We lift our thoughts towards a single idea or image that inspires us

We are comforted by a sense of oneness and sense of brotherhood with others with similar aspirations who share our planet

No more effort – we surrender to this idea

in humility, knowing both our insignificance as a mere cell in the greater body of humanity’s pool of intelligence and experience, yet retaining a sense of value and natural pride in our own  uniqueness and talents

Surrender all activity of the mind and turn attention to our hearts

Here is the place where our soul abides – our loving feelings are a reality –  and where our own wealth of wisdom guides us through our intuition.

It is the place where dwells the spiritual spark of divinity that links us with our Creator.

We breathe deeply and easily to fan and activate that spark.

We enjoy our own special experience that follows

We wait in silence and in stillness with senses keen to register our feelings before return to normal consciousness.


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