Pregnancy – The First Principle

Ahimsa – Non-violence

Women students of Yoga who become pregnant are encouraged to consider the following points as important in benefitting from continued practices that must be adapted or modified for the months of pregnancy. Your teacher’s instruction is essential throughout as it is advisable to maintain consultation with your doctor.

Some of the disciplines that are easily applied to personal body-care exercise and breathing techniques before pregnancy, have to be carefully considered for their safety regarding the developing baby and your own comfort and good health.

The factors vary with each woman, making it difficult to generalise upon the wisdom of specific practices. To an extent each must also rely upon a woman’s natural instincts during this time. This is made easier when remembering the importance of the need to choose the safe, gentle approach known as ahimsa.

The philosophy when practising Yoga through pregnancy offers the opportunity to focus upon the ethic of non-violence or ahimsa. It is a reminder that you are becoming the channel for another soul to enter the world and you are the presiding environment for its development.  There are subtle responsibilities associated with this role.

If you are in good physical health, this is already a bonus for the baby, particularly if you can continue with the gentler exercises and disciplines.

If you can maintain balanced and gentle emotions instead of succumbing to any storms of feeling, will provide a more serene and wholesome emotional environment that will be another bonus.

It may be difficult to apply when surrounded with work and domestic responsibilities, but next is to think of the mental environment in which the child finds itself. It is up to you to determine if the quality of your thoughts and that mental environment will be a bonus for your baby.

To keep clarity and calmness of thought and to focus upon periods of beautiful thoughts at certain times of the day can assist both of you as you increasingly share the energies generated in the months ahead. A popular aid is to learn by heart a special prayer, poem or quotation that appeals to you and this you can concentrate upon even while doing chores, but best in relaxation or meditation time when in a peaceful interlude you find it easiest to surrender to nature’s magic in creating a new body and for you to surrender and enjoy providing the channel for it.

By considering all the ideal applications of ahimsa you will find that you can apply it in many ways – not only through a state of your personal relaxation and gentleness in the things you do and in the exercises you continue, but in helping to reduce environmental hazards such as loud noise,  chemical pollutants that can invade and damage the natural forces at work and encourage all pleasant influences by enjoying your garden, outdoor functions and direct contact with the beautiful things of life.

It is time to enjoy the special glow and rewards of gentle motherhood in knowing you are giving your child a basic health insurance necessity in a calm nervous system and feeling of loving security as it develops is your body and in your psychic space.

In sharing a class with other expectant mothers there are many benefits and so it is best to join with other women in special pregnancy groups.

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