PRATYAHARA -The Senses and their role

Understanding and disciplining the senses is part of what is known as Prayahara.

Although many make the mistake of interpreting the spiritual teachings to mean that the human senses are to be overcome and are the enemy of those who seek a more spiritual existence, we should all consider that in the senses we possess at least five good friends….that is, if we learn to guide them appropriately.

We can all recall our mistakes when one sense or the other has been allowed free rein and made mistakes but our happiest experiences in life we must also recognize have involved our senses.

The disciplines regarding the senses are simple enough.

Firstly, not to over use or abuse or neglect any sense

To retain mental guidance over all the senses as a matter of responsibility

To enjoy life fully through clear and healthy attitudes

To silence the senses when in need of mental concentration

And to awaken the super-senses through relaxation of the active mind so that we awaken the intuitive peaceful mind in meditation.

To be ‘sensible’ assumes new meaning.

Role of the Senses is to help us be sensible, sensitive, serene and safely to go forward in life with confidence, feeling ‘in touch’ with the world.

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