March 6th, 2016

Thoughts on Illumination of Consciousness

“Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding; it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal universal Love; no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit.
This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood.
The only restraint is the discipline of Soul, therefore we know liberty without license; a divine service to God without ceremony or creed. The illumined walk without fear – by Grace.”

from “The Infinite Way” pub. George Allen & Unwin


February 3rd, 2016

The first stipulation in the system of Yoga that introduces Yama/Niyama, the disciplines of restraint of wrongs and the cultivation of virtues, is to curb and eradicate violence. It is obvious that as long as there is a propensity for violence in any form, there is potential for negative or destructive energies and actions that can harm ourselves, others or other living creatures.
Students of Yoga will be familiar with the application of practising non-violence when dealing with physical practices, even extreme disciplines that require the reminder not to strain or force the body, but rather cajole it. Obviously we must cleanse ourselves psychologically also that we do not wish to harm or hurt others by our feelings or thoughts.
There is never a time in human history to our knowledge, that instead of successful work towards creation of peace and well-being amongst the people of Earth, we are surrounded by violence to an extraordinary and appalling extent. From increased homicides, domestic violence, sexual aberrations and rape, torture and abuses inflicted even upon children, we are contending with the knowledge that our society is in grave danger of total disintegration of our previous values and philosophies of kindness, wisdom and peace. Our freedoms are at risk.
Disintegration is occurring from inside our civilization and from deliberate effort to destroy it from unidentified individuals claiming ‘responsibility’ by group admission, These are groups that however, are not brought to suffer from their admitted evils but have proven to be free as residents in countries other than their own, countries believing themselves to be humane by offering them refuge. That the compassionate suffer as victims of their kindness is far from acceptable and we know that countries are having at last to take a stance to defend the innocent from the traitors in their midst.
That these people are terrorists because of a desire to bully everyone else into ‘believing’ their own religion is a wake-up call that few in the democratic countries have come to realise, but too late, for what it is and responded in the way cowards do by not facing up to issues – in this case, having been persuaded that we must not ‘offend’ Muslims and those of these aggressive religious beliefs. Such an attitude is not applied to Christians, or Buddhists or any other religion and the argument does not comply with reasonable thought.
We must observe the insanity that rules violence and seek to curb it by healthy thought and reasonable methods.
Most of us are not placed in powerful positions enough to ‘do something’ about the traitors masquerading as refugees, or the fact that our nation and others have demonstrated generous harbourage to others at the cost of their own coffers. But we can each mind our own business and be sure that we study to understand all the implications of Ahimsa practised in our own lives and in our circle of society.
Our freedoms are at risk.


January 26th, 2016

To overlook the subtleties of Yoga we are apt to be blinded to the spiritual purpose of a system that offers us a clear indication how to discover for ourselves, through direct experience, the spiritual realities beyond material existence.

The way of Yoga is simple. It begins in seeking to understand and determine to follow the natural laws or spiritual principles that are commonly revered in all cultures and affect our lives. This naturally includes attention to personal self discipline and self culture aided by learning the art of relaxation of mind and body and practices of meditation.

The beautiful system embraces the need for suitable health levels, physical and psychological. This includes a unique system to help master the body by Asanas or physical static positions designed to relate to attitudes of mind as well as body. Without this understanding we could be left as with an empty shell and neglect other more important disciplines related to our self culture and preparation toward spiritual realization.

In time, as we advance in applying the classical teachings we grow by extending our capacity to understand life beyond our own ego and come to identify more and more with our soul self or true centre of our being, sometimes described as the higher self, or the inner self.

Here we begin our own unique journey through life, consciously aware of our energy Source, tapped through our breathing and expressed through our life of activity and chosen work. We will possess increased self confidence and more conscious and careful of the application of our free will toward our clear personal goal.

We can gradually expect expansions of our consciousness that bring spontaneous personal realization of life and spiritual realities, with increased awareness of the immensity and unity of all life in a totality of consciousness or God consciousness.

So we all evolve through a process of natural evolution, progressing as a result of both individual effort and our willingness to surrender to the great life in which we all live and move and have our being, Knowing the ultimate Power that directs us toward light, truth and love.

Questions of Consciousness

December 8th, 2015

When beginning to question ourselves we seek to be aware of the extent of our knowledge and feel confident to dip into that pool of knowledge we already possess.
When it comes to deeper issues rather than mere practical ones, we are less sure of ourselves. Most of us have not taken time to make a study of human nature and psychology that reveals that we have different layers and degrees of conscious awareness other than the two we are in the habit of describing as states of being “asleep” or “awake” and it is understandably the latter that is our main concern here as the realms of unconsciousness demand much deeper study.
So when we are in what we consider is our normal state of consciousness or wakefulness we are selective and free to choose to focus upon whatever we wish whether it is a mundane task or a serious intellectual study. So there is potential for great differences between us as individuals in our natural inclinations when combined with the power of free will and choice.
Whatever we choose as our focus to study; whatever we choose to consciously think about; we are increasing our self confidence as our knowledge and interest grows and most importantly our direct experiences in applying what we know. This is the hardest of all but is assisted by our ability to prioritise and to concentrate with perhaps the added vital ingredient for success – to add enjoyment to whatever we are doing.
Our first discipline then is to become aware of our thought processes, to understand them and to then learn to channel them as we harness them to our ultimate life aim or aims.
Consciousness expands beyond just being aware, to a deliberate exploration and development of our human mind and its talents and capacities. Our journeying from a degree of enquiry to certainties and from certainties to further paths that in turn promise us a degree of wisdom that allows us to live at peace within our own being.
It is experience that is our teacher as it is our intuition that points the way.
That somewhat misunderstood and mysterious faculty we call our ‘conscience’ is that part of our intelligence that saves us from dangerous or impulsive choices and we must consider as our ever present friend that reminds us to be aware.
Expansion of our awareness develops ever widening sensitivity towards nature and other people so that our personal consciousness or intelligence comes to embrace a wider and wider sphere…and to fulfil the limitless potential of human consciousness to embrace Life in its totality.


July 21st, 2015

The laws of evolution and growth encourage us all to expand and grow in consciousness towards eventual comprehension both of the internal realms of our own psyche and mental environment as well as the vast cosmic spheres of life outside our limited individuality.
Consciousness is the Experiencing and we are the Experiencer, functioning with a mixture and often a blend of sensation, emotion, thought and soul that constitute the ‘I’.
It is within the enduring and eternal aspect of the ‘I’, that we call the soul that resides the intelligence that blends all of our life experiences to arrive at a degree of wisdom. Here reside the true guideposts to help us learn and grow towards our finest capacity and expression as human beings.


April 14th, 2015

Perfection has to be worked out- has to be accomplished.
Imperfection, limitation, death, grief, ignorance, matter are only the first terms of the formulary; they are the initial discords of the musician’s tuning.
Out of imperfection we have to construct perfection, out of limitation to discover infinity, out of death to find immortality, out of grief to recover divine bliss, out of ignorance to rescue divine self-knowledge, out of matter to reveal spirit. To work out this end for ourselves and for humanity is the object of our Yogic practice.

Sri Aurobindo



April 1st, 2015

To define the simple principles that all people over the world share – that is, the universal principles that guide humans how to live well – has the potential to eliminate the violence and chaos that threatens our existence and that of all life on our planet – if we choose to live by these principles.

By eliminating talk of our differences, a habit that has eroded our well being, and with a focus upon our shared ideals, the human culture and our present civilization could perhaps avoid catastrophe.

No longer can we avoid the fact that the resources upon which our lifestyle in the western world has depended are fast becoming depleted with no real evidence of a workable correction in practice.

That our materialistic society based on wealth, and motivated by greed rather than need has failed, is now a perception shared by those who care.

That religions have failed to unite the world is apparent and we know that failure will accompany any future effort that results in fragmenting our vast populations by aggressive or possessive attitudes claiming exclusive right to our Maker.

If we are to succeed we must act now and resist the old reactions that have destroyed world peace.

What are these simple principles we must act upon?
Any answers given will echo all that our great philosophers and citizens have declared, for example,

Honour our father and our mother – those who have given and nurtured our early life.
Know that male and female are equal and opposite in the natural and the human world.
Observe and preserve Nature and its laws.
Respect all natural life of which we are custodians.
Abstain from violence if we wish to arrive at peace.
Love one another in the spirit of brotherhood within the family of mankind.

At this time of year it is made a little easier to think of surrendering that which is worthless for the sake of true value. This naturally will include our participation in personal sacrifices as in combined determination of the whole of humanity to preserve the beautiful Earth and to express the noblest qualities of which human beings are capable. Let each of us begin today……..


March 30th, 2015

Because so many have gone before us and are confident enough to offer guidance or give us a hint of what is the key to life’s mysteries, we are injected with certain courage to go in a certain direction or follow a particular method. And because inevitably we must make any method our own if we are to arrive at our own understanding, we must be able to practise and so measure it by the results.

However, because in our culture complexity is the fascination, any philosophy that prescribes simple application of universal principles tends to be neglected, in spite of the thousands of reminders we maintain in our cultural records that teach us otherwise.

In seeking how to be healthy for instance, when once the physical natural laws for health are acknowledged, application must follow and this is difficult enough; to seek in addition to apply the psychological disciplines of emotion and thought that are required for our reason and for our happiness is even more demanding; to feel free to listen to the inner guidance of our own soul and intuition is given less time and attention; to seek to identify with our experiencing soul consciousness that allows us to feel at one with the great Universal Consciousness is the most rarified aspiration and yet the most fundamental Reality a human being needs to know.

It is not by thinking but by feeling that we experience and satisfy this spiritual need to arrive at truth. We may think we are alive – but we must feel we are alive. Our thoughts may guide us but it is only by feeling that we find the key, whether from within our internal world of intuition or by expanding our love capacity to embrace life, we seek for Life to embrace us.
And depending upon aspiration and our capacity to surrender to It, whether from within or without, Life will claim us in equal measure and we will discover the truth we seek…. when we are able to be still and our scattered thoughts are silent.


March 25th, 2015

Naturally any teaching must require certain modification and a selection of techniques that are most appropriate for the benefit of students of any age group and the practices of the traditional disciplines of Yoga are no exception.
For ease in teaching it is desirable for students to be grouped according to age as in other educational systems. This may be ideal but is not always possible and requires a certain number of students for this type of segregation. Separation of boys and girls in early years of say 3 years to 7 years is not usually necessary. Beyond this age is different.
Although general classes of children of various ages may be established, students will not be completely at ease unless with others of about the same age and it is worthwhile to consider a small nucleus class that will in time increase.

The teaching of Hatha Yoga is based upon the complementary character and interaction of electro-magnetic energies of nature that influence and maintain a balance in our physical and psychological health. The understanding of the pranas or positive and negative energies is fundamental in the philosophy and the practices related to the breath.

We all exist and function through the balancing of these natural forces and their natural expression through either male or female personalities, with the male to have the positive of Sun energies dominant and the female having the opposite Moon energies uppermost. In a subtle way these energies function by subconscious processes. In a more direct way, they are affected by our minds and state of consciousness.

It is as important for a boy to have an image of what he would wish to become in developing his manhood. Apart from his father as a role model, he needs to develop his own self image for the future – one based upon the warmth, strength, generosity and outgoing power that has the Sun as its symbol. Just as important it is that a girl follows the example of her mother as well as learning to develop the female virtues of gentleness, grace and sensitivity of an ideal woman symbolised by the Moon. This symbolism provides anchorage for establishing their values and influencing their behaviour.

The physical exercises in Hatha Yoga for boys are aimed at developing strength and will as those for girls concentrates upon flexibility and graceful movement. Both must learn the general exercises of traditional movements that develop full freedom of movement as well as muscular tone.

Teenagers , that is those from 13 – 17 years of age, have already been influenced by their home life, school life and the example of their peers to the extent that they often are so confident as to not be easily receptive to new ideas and will be more focussed upon the physical cultural aspects at commencement of their classes. However, by the wonderful benefits of relaxation practice they learn to release stress. By stillness of the mind and body in easy meditation they find the key to better concentration and discover a sense of their individual power to direct their lives and perhaps discover an increasing interest in philosophy.
Because of the importance of self discovery and self interest, it is relatively easy to introduce young students to the value of natural diet and consideration of avoiding killing of animals for food but it is not wise to emphasise the latter because of the necessity to respect their parents and the values in their home as not many homes have kitchens that are vegetarian.
There will be a natural inclination towards eating food that will build good health and a fine physique or a beautiful body and vanity helps sometimes to undertake what seems a difficult discipline or motivation toward changing habits.
These years however are of extreme importance in developing the intellectual powers and learning memory skills, exercising imagination and strengthening powers of concentration.
How to help these faculties is the demand made upon the yoga teacher who uses the time honoured techniques of classical Yoga.


March 2nd, 2015

The world in which we are living in the 21st century is not conducive to health of any kind. We have a struggle to survive- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – having chosen to rebel against or reject the fundamental values and ethics of our culture.
The destructive tendencies of mankind are now rampant in every sphere in society. There are changes that are not constructive and many have contaminated our personal living environment, ruined the refuge offered in harmonious family life and even caused nations to falter.
We hardly need to be reminded of the destruction of our natural physical environment with pollution being an issue on land, sea, and air.
Regarding the subtler areas of human function in the emotional and mental realms we must recognize that there are issues that are equally critical and even more important to our welfare and our future on the planet.
There is unrest or disease apparent on all levels but it is the massive outbreak of psychological issues evidence in depression, violence (self harm and to others), criminality and general aggression so that our societies are now a far cry from the peace, health and happiness we all dream about and wish to share.
However, as individuals and as a people we are responsible for what we have created in wonderful technological and social advances. We are also responsible for rectification of our wrongs, both as a society and as individuals. Only this fact can motivate us to offer our talents to the ultimate good of the whole.
Only sincerity of effort and great life law of Karma will determine the degree of our success.