NATURE – Visible garment of God

The invisible Intelligence of Nature itself is Universal Consciousness – a greatness we struggle to understand in magnitude, in design and in its Purpose.
We feel very much the same, but on a small scale, in our efforts to understand computers and the abilities of those who intelligently create them.
We are fortunate that the visible Intelligence of the Creator is available and perceptible in the physical world around us through the natural kingdoms of life – mineral , vegetable, insects, birds, fish, animals and human should we seek to explore. As we observe and find more understanding of life forms of nature, we cannot help but discover the wonders of the Great Intelligence that created and established such miracles and perfection of form.
In appreciation of nature’s structures we discover the life within those forms and begin to realise the intelligence that determines its behaviour and its habitation. We observe that when the life is withdrawn, the form dies. That creature, plant or human being returns to the invisible realms, into its mysterious life source and its relationship with the visible material world seemingly comes to an end.
In the invisible streams of our human feelings and emotions, our thoughts and our memories however the soul lives on. This is true of any living creature in any natural kingdom. It is the miracle we all know when we have lost a especially devoted dog or pet, friend, child or loved one, can remain with us in our own minds and awareness, sometimes even stronger than when the form was with us.
The invisible energies of life exist as the spiritual and eternal reality. Visible material forms do not endure as we know our own body will die when our consciousness passes into the mysterious Greatness we know as the Allness or God.
So whilst we are here in our bodies of form, we are free to enjoy and learn about all the wonders of visible natural life, all the kingdoms of intelligences small and great, and in appreciation, in wonderment or in worship, observe the natural world as the visible outer garment of God and in doing so feel that we are a part of That.

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