Moon gardens follow a popular romantic concept that although traditional, offers personal creative opportunities in landscape gardening as well as for home gardens.

The Moon symbolizes the subtle female power that complements the Sun or radiant power of our other main heavenly body. Life on our Earth depends upon them both equally.

In dedicating a garden to the Moon we are concerned with several important factors some of which may of necessity have to be modified.

Our intention is to plant a totally white flowered garden that will benefit from a shaded or green background with a percentage of silvery leaved plants that will seem especially attractive in the moonlight.

The ideal site, whether large or small is best to create a semi circular or circular garden that allows privacy and intimacy as well as protection from harsh winds.

The aspect should be chosen as a vantage point to enjoy the rising moon at its full.

Inclusion of a water feature is important – whether a pond, fountain or alongside a natural small running creek.

Planting should be chosen from a range of white scented flowering trees, shrubs, bulbs, annuals and perennials. Sweetly scented evening flowers are specially favoured.

Shrubbery and green foliage provides background and sometimes blue/green and grey or silvery leaves contribute lovely effects in the moonlight.

A touch of female statuary will add to the gentle atmosphere desired to stir the imagination and encourage quiet contemplation of the beautiful nurturing qualities and influence of the Moon that directs growth on our planet.

If there is little scope for all these desired features, a summerhouse can be used as a modified sheltered, white, quiet place of peace.

White Flowered Plant Suggestions

White daisies




Night scented stocks


Brugmansia (Angels


Lily of Valley

Moon Flower

Sweet Alyssum




Snowball shrub


White Violets

Crepe myrtle

White verbena




Money Plant

It is wise to carefully check before purchasing to ensure that your choice of plant is guaranteed to be a white flowering form, upon which the success of your Moon Garden will depend.

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