Meditation Awareness

In meditating we aim for a harmonious flow of thought awareness rather than erratic statements of thoughts and ideas without a common thread. In meditation one’s self consciousness of thought activity changes to a state beyond the process of thinking to a state of higher awareness or Being that is related to a higher type of feeling rather than thinking.  It is usually a little of both.

We learn to build a bridge between the differing realities of the material and subtler or spiritual states of consciousness. In states of relaxation and meditation, these two worlds tend to blend. We have a somewhat similar state that occurs between sleeping and waking. Ultimately they will become one to the extent that they will no longer seem isolated one from the other but will unite to create the integration which has inspired the name of Yoga – union.

Through meditation we learn to manage the mind and its resources and faculties.

We also cultivate the best of our capacities for creative thought and ideas and to discover our innate strength and increase self-respect as well as refreshing our respect and reverence for great nature outside ourselves.

Our consciousness changes and grows with the practice of meditation. We learn to release strain of all kinds, stress due to problems and inner confusion and to expand instead of contracting and resisting life.  This allows us to grow through acceptance of our own soul and its potential to make our own life as fine and good and happy as we wish it.

When meditating we tend to feel ‘in tune’ and anything seems possible.

Some develop a simple formula or procedure that is immediate in attuning them to the state that they desire, whether it is following physical exercise or Asanas, or breathing techniques or the silent repetition of a prayer or familiar saying.

The adventure into the inner worlds of our nature offers constant discoveries that can rival any outer excitement.

These experiences entice us to maintain our meditation practice throughout our lifetime.


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