Meditate to Feel Peace

Meditation is becoming a more popular practice as both individuals and professionals gain in confidence and in practical clinical experience regarding its value in health, psychological balance, and in general healing.

Peace is a natural state of consciousness when we are not concerned with some activity, or emotional problem, or with any labyrinthine exercise of mind.

For instance, when our bodies are still, we become aware and more sensitive to how we feel.

When our emotions and feelings are relaxed and content, we are more clearly aware of our thoughts.

When our thoughts are at rest (made easier when our eyes are shut) we become aware of the core of our being, our soul self that directs us in life and communicates with our other ‘selves’ through the inward path of intuition.

When our soul is at rest is a more profound state, and one less frequent.  It occurs as a state of being that requires us to be inwardly and outwardly in harmony with life, with nature, and with people. It is then that we come to realise that the same universal life and vitality pulses through us as through every other living thing – this life and energy is what we call the spirit.

Acceptance of both the value of ourselves as a microcosmic being and the perception of the wonder and immensity of the cosmic regions of creation will help us as we aspire to understand life’s purpose. Together these will set the stage for the various degrees of elasticity in consciousness that gradually enable us to reach wider and wider immensities of the feeling of peace.

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