Love Nature – And All Will be Well

When we begin to seriously study Yoga we should, at the outset understand that it is best that we have an innate love and respect for Nature and for all natural kingdoms and life forms. It will signify that we are ready to depart from our modern and often artificial habits to the extent that allows us to re-evaluate our lives and seek to live more in harmony with nature and its laws.

There is much to know and to discover yet about nature.  But aside from any intellectual study we are faced with our immediate exercise to come to terms with our own human nature. In Yoga  this begins with our physical body. We learn to care for it, feed it, and exercise it. We enjoy the benefits when we are rewarded with physical health, lots of energy, and an enthusiastic attitude to life.  It is Hatha Yoga that focuses upon physical health and well being.

A fine and healthy body gives us confidence in our body as a comfortable tool for expression of our individual emotional nature. Our emotions are so vitally involved in our experiencing happiness. We learn through Bhakti Yoga to cultivate positive emotions and to overcome the negative feelings that can spoil our lives. When we have established balanced emotions and feel a degree of confidence that our bad feelings can be overcome to allow love and kindness to dominate we are prepared to advance our mental training in Raja Yoga.

The dominant goal of any Raja Yoga student is truth. Aspiring to truth, committed to truthfulness and honesty in everyday life. We discover the value of applying our minds to specific studies and projects that reflect our deep interests and  to creatively employ our faculties.

Meditation allows us to realize the unique qualities that we possess in our inner being that allow us to make a contribution to life and to the world in which we live. This provides us with a sense of purpose to motivate us into our future.

Proud of our good health, and more confident in our minds, we begin to feel more relaxed and living towards others in consequence. We begin to change as we settle down to befriend our whole nature and then whole world seems more friendly too.

We observe and aware of the natural elements and become more sensitive to the earth when gardening, or the fresh air at change of season, or the calming affect of water caressing our skin, or the wonderful radiant warm of a log fire. We find an increasing sense of loving all natural life, and in wonderment and gratitude for the gift of life opportunity, we extend our hearts and mind to love great Nature and the Universal Consciousness that created us all.


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