Lotus Theme for Meditation

For meditation purposes we harness the powers of concentration and imagination in order to create a framework for the soul’s explorations in the subtler life spheres.  The use of imagery is a most potent tool used to stir our deepest feelings. It is found that analogies are helpful in explaining the inexplicable and natural symbols speak to everyone in a language that is universal.  Nature’s beautiful forms and symbols are therefore used and one such exercise is in the Lotus Meditation.

The sacred lotus or water lily plant represents, symbolically, the five regions in which human consciousness functions. These are represented by the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire, to which our consciousness is seen as correspondingly related in the roots, the sap and water growing medium, the life of the mind expands in the limitless freedom of the air and its spirit blossoms in the heat of the sun.


In identifying ourselves with the lotus plant, we begin with the seed in its first stirrings in the mud or material environment with its nurturing and its negative properties. We extend our roots, as our eagerness for life experiences and push our stem upward towards our future yet anchored in our mother earth.

 Through the muddied lower waters of the confused emotional experiences of youth, our aspiration pushes our growing tip with its flower bud towards the clearer waters above. We begin to feel the warmth and light from an unknown source.

Eventually our efforts raise us to the point where the bud potential of our soul breaks through the surface to discover air and the freedom of our mind to expand, unconfined. It is here we are inspired by new feelings and joy in new found immensity of life above and our lotus bud of our soul begins to open its petals one by one. In the heat of the day we expose our whole being and surrender to the glorious power of the Sun, Universal Love.

With our soul’s maturity we become aware of our impending self sacrifice, when we must become a vehicle for ongoing life and creativity. And so, although our soul has limited life and we must die, like the lotus plant, the seeds of our creations hold the key to immortality – the pattern given out by great Nature for the continuance of the lotus plant and its immortalization in the world of form, as it goes on, to live for ever and ever.

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