Law of Karma – Spiritual Justice

The law of Karma represents the function of Supreme Justice. It is the natural law that has been explained to humanity from time immemorial – that what we do in using our free will, will inevitably have repercussions. Good or constructive action results in good – just as evil action brings disaster.

It is easy enough to grasp as a philosophy. But for its acceptance we must rely to a large extent on our faith, on the teachings of wise ones greater than ourselves in understanding of spiritual matters, rather than upon the immediate evidence that the law is demonstrated to our satisfaction at close range in our human affairs.

The fact that the Law functions throughout all time rather than within the confines of our own limited human scale makes it beyond our capacity to understand purely on our terms of reference.

We must contemplate the issue and stretch our intelligence to consider a Greater Justice than human values of fairness and our inadequate efforts to devise effective laws that leave us satisfied that we have created a true semblance of justice that functions on the material level of our existence.

Personal fortunate circumstances or responses teach us what is right in moral law and give us confidence in the direction of our own self culture as bad ones reveal our weaknesses that are designed to be a springboard for our future strengths. We are regularly reminded of the need to assess the direction that we are taking in our path through life.

Karma teaches us through our pain and problems how to overcome material circumstances and personal weakness. We know under its Law, that what comes in our life experience is just – we have sometime in the past long stretch of this life and the previous incarnations, earned our good fortune just as we have earned our bad.  The law of Karma rules us all, without favouritism. We would be best guided by taking refuge in this Law.

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